“The Giraffe Resource Centre (GRC) is a knowledge centre for giraffe aiming at collecting, preserving, and cataloguing available publications and images on the species in one central repository and distributing it through appropriate media.”


All (sub)species of giraffe naturally inhabit Africa and some are threatened with extinction and require protection and management, both in the wild and in captivity. Sharing of knowledge among those involved with giraffe and their habitats is crucial for their efficient and effective conservation and management.

Important data about giraffe biology and management are regularly published but is often difficult to access by other workers, especially those working in the wild and captive fields. A thorough review of the literature on the subject is an essential, though costly and time-consuming, part of each program. Much of this work can be facilitated and accelerated by having a centre where recorded knowledge on the giraffe is available and easily accessible.

Modern digital technology and the internet allows immediate and universal dissemination of data. The material will be prepared in a format that facilitates the use on digital media on a modern functional website (www.girafferesourcecentre.org/.com &www.girafferesourcecenter.org/.com).

Information will be gathered about past and present conservation, management, research and biology of the giraffe. This will help to avoid duplication and a more efficient evaluation of results and the data can be used by decision makers in their evaluation and analysis.


The main objective is to collect and disseminate material which bears on our knowledge of giraffe (sub)species in all situations. The GRC will be a key tool for research, conservation and management. The information available worldwide about the giraffe in the wild, in captivity and in museums or laboratories will be gathered, preserved, catalogued and made available.

The GRC will ensure preservation of giraffe related sources for future generations thus ensuring permanent accessibility.

The GRC will make the data easily accessible using the most appropriate technology, in particular through the use of a dedicated website.


Literature, imagery, digital data and other recorded material will be collected through searches in libraries and by correspondence with authors and institutions. Participation in conferences and visits to institutions around the world will allow expansion and enrichment of the collections and databases.

All material of the GRC will be catalogued and made available to the research community, captive partners, conservation agencies, as well as to the press and the general public.

GRC Team

As the GRC grows the team would ideally include the following – please contact us if you are interested in helping!

  • Web designer
  • Database manager
  • Editors
  • Coordinators

Requests for information or pictures

The GRC receives many requests for giraffe information, facts, pictures and related items. We do not charge for our assistance, especially since an enormous amount of material and data is available for free on the website to any user. Please bear in mind that requests for information or pictures take time to process. We will still do our best to point enquirers in the right direction or supply facts. In return we would like a copy of any ensuing publication within a month of publication, as well as a reasonable donation to the account of the GRC. This will help us to continue updating our work and continue our services to students, researchers and managers interested in the study of the giraffe in any aspect.