New Fossils of Giraffokeryx (Mammalia: Cetartiodactyla: Giraffidae) from Chinji Formation, Pakistan

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Abstract: This paper describes new fossils of Giraffokeryx originating from the Chinji Formation of northern Pakistan. The fossils, representing worth describing hemimandibles, are collected from the Middle Miocene...

Author(s): Khalid Mahmood, Muhammad Akbar Khan, Muhammad Khaled Siddiq, Muhammad Adeeb Babar and Muhammad Akhtar
Year: 2015
Journal: Pakistan Journal of Zoology
Page Numbers: 367-375

Siwalik Giraffidae (Mammalia, Artiodactyla): A review

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Abstract: The article is based on the published literature regarding the family Giraffidae, particularly about the extinct Siwalik species. The provided information is collected from the previous published articles,...

Author(s): Khalid Mahmood, Muhammad Akbar Khan, Muhammad Adeeb Babar and Muhammad Akhtar
Year: 2015
Journal: Punjab University Journal of Zoology
Page Numbers: 31-36

Comparisons of Schansitherium tafeli with Samotherium boissieri (Giraffidae, Mammalia) from the Late Miocene of Gansu Province, China

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Abstract: We are describing and figuring for the first time skulls of Schansitherium tafeli, which are abundant in the Gansu area of China from the Late Miocene. They were animals about the size of Samotherium with...

Author(s): Sukuan Hou, Michael Cydylo, Melinda Danowitz & Nikos Solounias
Year: 2019
Journal: PLOS One
Page Numbers: 1-29

Mesowear study of ungulates from the early Pleistocene site of ‘Ubeidiya (Israel) and the implications for early Homo dispersal from Africa

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Abstract: An ongoing question in Anthropology and Archaeology focuses on the role of climate change in human evolution and particularly in the dispersal of hominins out of Africa. One of the main hypothesis posits...

Author(s): Miriam Belmaker & Haley D. O'Brien
Year: 2017
Journal: Quaternary International
Page Numbers: 1-12

The Late Miocene Artiodactyls in the Dhok Pathan Type Locality of the Dhok Pathan Formation, the Middle Siwaliks, Pakistan

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Abstract: The late Miocene artiodactyls are presented on the basis of description of abundant material from the Dhok Pathan type locality of the Dhok Pathan Formation, the Middle Siwaliks and the remains increasingly...

Author(s): Muhammad Akbar Khan, Muhammad Akhtar, and Mehboob Iqbal
Year: 2010
Journal: Pakistan Journal of Zoology Supplement Series
Page Numbers: 1-87

New artiodactyl ruminant mammal from the late Oligocene of Pakistan

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Abstract: Dental and postcranial material of the bovid−like ruminant Palaeohypsodontus zinensis sp. nov. is reported from the Oligocene of the Bugti Hills (Balochistan, Pakistan). This finding extends the geographic...

Author(s): Grégoire Métais, Pierre-Olivier Antonie, Laurent Marivaux, Jean-Loup Welcomme and Stéphane Ducrocq
Year: 2003
Journal: Acta Palaeontologica Polonica
Page Numbers: 375-382

Analysis of stereotypic behaviour and enhanced management in captive Northern Giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis housed at Zoological Garden Alipore, Kolkata

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Abstract: In the wild, giraffes live complex social lives exhibiting fission-fusion social systems. They have sophisticated communication which likely forms a crucial component regulating subgroup dynamics. They...

Author(s): Tushar Pramod Kulkarni
Year: 2020
Journal: Journal of Threatened Taxa
Page Numbers: 15426–15435

Nighttime Suckling Behavior in Captive Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata)

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Abstract: Suckling behaviors are useful to better understand mother–offspring relationships. However, in many species, knowledge about nighttime suckling behavior is sparse. In the present study, we investigated...

Author(s): Miho Saito, Naoko Takagi, Masayuki Tanaka and Yumi Yamanashi
Year: 2020
Journal: Zoological Science
Page Numbers: 1–6

Forensic species identification of elephant (Elephantidae) and giraffe (Giraffidae) tail hair using light microscopy

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Abstract: Here we present methods for distinguishing tail hairs of African elephants (Loxodonta africana), Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) and giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) from forensic contexts. Such hairs...

Author(s): Bonny C. Yates, Edgard O. Espinoza, Barry W. Baker
Year: 2010
Journal: Journal of forensic science medicine and pathology
Page Numbers: 165-171

Chemical characterization of the milk oligosaccharides of some Artiodactyla species including giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis), sitatunga (Tragelaphus spekii), deer (Cervus nippon yesoensis) and water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

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Abstract: Mammalian milk/colostrum usually contains oligosaccharides along with the predominant disaccharide lactose. It has been found that the number and identity of these milk oligosaccharides varies among mammalian...

Author(s): Yuri Mineguchi, Midori Miyoshi, Epi Taufik, Ayumi Kawamura, Takuya Asakawa, Isao Suzuki, Kousaku Souma, Michiko Okubo, Tadao Saito, Kenji Fukuda, Sadaki Asakuma and Tadasu Urashima
Year: 2018
Journal: Glycoconjugate Journal
Page Numbers: 561–574