Kidney of Giraffes

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Abstract: This study focuses on certain aspects of the renal structure of the giraffe, with some implications as to its function. About 4,000 collecting ducts open at the truncated end of a curved crest that juts...

Author(s): N.S.R. Maluf
Year: 2002
Journal: The Anatomical Record
Page Numbers: 94-111

The Giraffe Nutrition Workshop Proceedings: May 25 - 26, 2005

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Abstract: On May 25, 2005, 14 people interested in giraffe nutrition and health, convened at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago for a two-day workshop. The participants consisted of university and USDA ruminant nutrition...

Author(s): Debra A Schmidt and Robyn Barbiers
Year: 2005
Journal: Linclon Park Zoo
Page Numbers: 1-50

The impact of nutrition on the development of urolithiasis in captive giraffes and meat goats

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Abstract: Obstructive urolithiasis is a documented problem in domestic ruminants, such as the meat goat, and also in captive giraffe. A survey of the health history, feeding practices, and dietary contents in captive...

Author(s): Kathleen Elizabeth Sullivan
Year: 2006
Journal: Master of Science Thesis
Page Numbers: 1-130

Advances in Giraffe Nutrition

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Abstract: In the last decade, numerous publications have been written with regard to the nutrition of giraffe and other ruminant browsers maintained in zoological institutions, inspired by several health problems...

Author(s): Eduardo V. Valdes and Michael Schlegel
Year: 2012
Journal: Flower’s Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine
Page Numbers: 612-618

Preliminary study on the urine proteome of giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis)

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Abstract: Data on proteinuria are lacking in giraffes, therefore the aim of our research was to study urine proteome with sensitive analytical methods to obtain important information regarding not only the kidney...

Author(s): Fasoli S, Ferlizza Enea, Dondi Francesco Schneider R, Sandri C, Di Girolamo Nicola and Isani Gloria
Year: 2015
Page Numbers: 16-19

Analysis of Nutrient Concentrations in the Diet, Serum, and Urine of Giraffe from Surveyed North American Zoological Institutions

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Abstract: The objectives of the present research were to conduct a survey to investigate the health history and feeding practices of giraffe in captivity in North America and to obtain samples of hay, concentrate,...

Author(s): Kathleen Sullivan, Eric van Heugten, Kimberly Ange-van Heugten, Matthew H. Poore, Ellen S. Dierenfeld and Barbara Wolfe
Year: 2010
Journal: Zoo Biology
Page Numbers: 457–469

Serum Concentration Comparisons of Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Lipoproteins, Vitamins A and E, and Minerals Between Zoo and Free-Ranging Giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis)

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Abstract: Serum concentrations of amino acids, fatty acids, lipoproteins, vitamins A and E, and minerals in zoo giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) were compared to values obtained from free-ranging giraffes in an...

Author(s): Debra A. Schmidt, Elizabeth A. Koutsos, Mark R. Ellersieck and Mark E. Griffin
Year: 2009
Journal: Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine
Page Numbers: 29-38

Impact of two types of complete pelleted, wild ungulate feeds and two pelleted feed to hay ratios on the development of urolithogenic compounds in meat goats as a model for giraffes

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Abstract: Urolith formation has been documented in giraffes and goats. As research in giraffes poses logistical challenges, 16 buck goats were used as a model. The impact of two commercially available, pelleted...

Author(s): K. Sullivan, S. Freeman, E. van Heugten, K. Ange-van Heugten, B. Wolfe and M. H. Poore
Year: 2012
Journal: Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition
Page Numbers: 1 - 11

Giraffe Pica Behavior And Pathology As Indicators Of Nutritional Stress

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Abstract: Geophagia and osteophagia were a common feature of the feeding routine of the southern giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis giraffa) during the months from April to November. Osteophagia occurred at approximately...

Author(s): V. A. Langman
Year: 1978
Journal: The Journal of Wildlife Management
Page Numbers: 141-147