Sociosexual behavior, male mating tactics, and the reproductive cycle of giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis

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Abstract: Female distribution exerts a major impact on male mating tactics. Giraffe cows have a reproductive cycle, and a social system, that should favor a male roaming reproductive tactic. We conducted a 2-year...

Author(s): Fred B. Bercovitch, Meredith J. Bashaw, Susan M. del Castillo
Year: 2006
Journal: Hormones and Behavior
Page Numbers: 314-321

Social Behavior and communication in a herd of captive giraffe

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Abstract: Data on wild giraffe herds have often been interpreted as a random association of individuals, but the extent to which giraffe have a more complex social structure may have been overlooked. The focus of...

Author(s): Meredith J. Bashaw
Year: 2003
Journal: Doctor of Philosophy Thesis
Page Numbers: i-226

Hand rearing of Giraffe Calves at Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysore

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Abstract: Successful hand-rearing of four giraffe calves at Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden, Mysore was done with feeding of calves with cow colostrum (1000ml) on the 1st day every 3 hrs to 3rd day for 3 days...

Author(s): S.S.M.S. Khadri and S. C. Valandikar
Year: 2002
Journal: ZOO’s PRINT
Page Numbers: 1153-1158

Stress and social behaviors of maternally deprived captive giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis)

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Abstract: Maternal deprivation can cause long-term behavioral changes in captive mammals. Studies regarding captive ungulates have also indicated behavioral shifts in the presence of the animal keeping staff; however,...

Author(s): Leila Siciliano-Martina and Jason P. Martina
Year: 2018
Journal: Zoo Biology
Page Numbers: 80-89

Reproductive failure in female Thornicroft’s giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis thornicrofti) in Zambia

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Abstract: Reproductive suppression is common among mammals residing in cooperative social systems and is characterized by the cessation of ovulation in subordinate females until their social environment releases...

Author(s): Fred B. Bercovitch and Philip S. M. Berry
Year: 2018
Journal: African Journal of Ecology
Page Numbers: 1003–1005

Long-term suppression of fertility in female giraffe using the GnRH agonist deslorelin as a long-acting implant

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Abstract: Zoological institutions provide an environment conducive to studying proximate mechanisms influencing reproduction that can provide guidance to both field and captive settings seeking to manage their stock....

Author(s): Marilyn L. Patton, Meredith J. Bashawa, Susan M. del Castillo, Wolfgang Jöchle, Nadine Lamberski, Randy Rieches and Fred B. Bercovitch
Year: 2006
Journal: Theriogenology
Page Numbers: 431–438

Characterization of 16 microsatellite marker loci in the Maasai giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi)

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Abstract: Sixteen polymorphic microsatellite markers with an average allele size of k = 4.3 are identified from a genomic plasmid library constructed for giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis ssp.). Primer sequences and...

Author(s): Ryan M. Huebinger, Donna J. Pierson, Thomas W. De Maar, David M. Brown, Rick A. Brenneman and Edward E. Louis, Jr.
Year: 2002
Journal: Molecular Ecology Resources
Page Numbers: 531-533

Some Uterine Parameters in Antelopes and a Giraffe

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Abstract: Uteri of 69 African antelopes and a giraffe were morphologically examined and numbers of caruncles and their rows in each horn were recorded. Antelopes of subfamilies Taurotraginae, Aepycerotinae, Antilopinae,...

Author(s): Hradecký Peter
Year: 1983
Journal: Theriogenology
Page Numbers: 491-498

Dystocia in a Rothschild Giraffe Leading to a Caesarean Section

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Abstract: A 9-year-old female Rothschild giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi), weighing approximately 900 kg, at Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire, UK was presented with dystocia in September 2005. This paper...

Author(s): D.C. Williams, P.J. Murison and C.L. Hill
Year: 2007
Journal: Journal of Veterinary Medical Association
Page Numbers: 199-202

EAZA Husbandry and Management Guidelines: Giraffa Camelopardalis 2006

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Abstract: An overview of giraffe biology and field data combined with recommendations/guidelines on management in zoos (enclosures, feeding, social structure, enrichment, breeding, handling, and legistlation). ...

Author(s): Zdenek Barta, Zoologická zahrada, Dvur Králové, Marcus Clauss, Ludek Culik, Zoologická zahrada, Dvur Králové, Marc Damen, Jürgen Hummel, Günther Schleussner, Wilhelma, Zoologisch-Botanischer, Kristina Tomasova, Waltraut Zimmermann with contributions by Jacques Kaandorp
Year: 2006
Journal: EAZA Husbandry and Management Guidelines 2006 i-132
Page Numbers: i-132