The Spatial Ecology, Habitat Preference and Diet Selection of Giraffe (Giraffa Camelopardalis Giraffa) in the Kalahari Region of South Africa

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Abstract: The research project was conducted within two separate study areas. The main research project was conducted in the Khamab Kalahari Nature Reserve (KKNR) in the North West Province of South Africa. The...

Author(s): Francois Deacon
Year: 2015
Journal: PhD Thesis
Page Numbers: 1-495

The behaviour and dietary preferences of southern giraffe (giraffa camelopardalis giraffa) on the umphafa private nature reserve, kwa-zulu natal

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Abstract: The giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) has been severely neglected among the scientific community in terms of research. This investigation explores their behavioural patterns with focus on feeding behaviours...

Author(s): Katie Souter
Year: 2015
Journal: Dissertation for the Bachelor of Science with Honours in Zoo Biology
Page Numbers: I-58

Generation length for mammals

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Abstract: Generation length (GL) is defined as the average age of parents of the current cohort, reflecting the turnover rate of breeding individuals in a population. GL is a fundamental piece of information for...

Author(s): Michela Pacifici, Luca Santini, Moreno Di Marco, Daniele Baisero, Lucilla Francucci, Gabriele Grottolo Marasini, Piero Visconti, Carlo Rondinini
Year: 2013
Journal: Nature Conservation
Page Numbers: 87-94

Conservation genetics of an isolated giraffe population in Swaziland

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Abstract: Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) are a critical component of the savannah’s browsing guild (Birkett, 2002), although their distribution is discontinuous and the species has declined over most of the...

Author(s): James D. Austin, Shannon Moore, Robert A. McCleery, Jaclyn Colton, Tal Finberg and Ara Monadjem
Year: 2017
Journal: African Journal of Ecology
Page Numbers: 1-6

Evolutionary Ecology of Giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) in Etosha National Park, Namibia

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Abstract: The giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) occupies a variety of habitats across sub-Saharan Africa. It is characterised by a loose social organisation, and a dominance driven polygynous mating system. This...

Author(s): Rachel Brand
Year: 2007
Journal: PhD Thesis
Page Numbers: 1-279

Sociosexual behavior, male mating tactics, and the reproductive cycle of giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis

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Abstract: Female distribution exerts a major impact on male mating tactics. Giraffe cows have a reproductive cycle, and a social system, that should favor a male roaming reproductive tactic. We conducted a 2-year...

Author(s): Fred B. Bercovitch, Meredith J. Bashaw, Susan M. del Castillo
Year: 2006
Journal: Hormones and Behavior
Page Numbers: 314-321

The Ecology and Behaviour of Giraffe in Northern Botswana

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Abstract: Northern Botswana is one of the giraffe strongholds across its geographic range in the absence of, or with low impact from, the major anthropological threats faced elsewhere. Yet despite its conservation...

Author(s): Kylie N. McQualter
Year: 2018
Journal: PhD Thesis
Page Numbers: 1-158

Association between reproductive behaviour and androgen metabolite excretion in free-ranging male giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis)

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Abstract: Little is known on the giraffe’s reproductive behaviour, particularly observations of male sexual behaviour are scarce. Most information results from studies on captive animals, and observations of free-ranging...

Author(s): Peter Andreas Seeber
Year: 2012
Journal: Masters thesis
Page Numbers: 1-147

The Giraffe’s Long Neck : From Evolutionary Fable to Whole Organism

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Abstract: A LONE GIRAFFE BULL STOOD at the edge of the scrubby bush forest that opened into a grassland. It was August, the beginning of spring, but also the middle of the dry season in the southern African savannah....

Author(s): Craig Holdrege
Year: 2005
Journal: The Nature Institute
Page Numbers: i-104

Relationships between male giraffes’ colour, age and sociability

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Abstract: In species in which males signal competitive ability through secondary sexual traits, males with different levels of trait expression may adopt different reproductive tactics to maximize their reproductive...

Author(s): Madelaine P. Castles, Rachel Brand, Alecia J. Carter, Martine Maron, Kerryn D. Carter and Anne W. Goldizen
Year: 2019
Journal: Animal Behaviour
Page Numbers: 13-25