Feeding behaviour of giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis in the Willem Pretorius Game Reserve, Orange Free State

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Abstract: The habitat and feeding behaviour of giraffe in the Willem Pretorius Game Reserve, Orange Free State, are described. Acacia karroo, the single most important component, together with Asparagus laricinus,...

Author(s): Kok, O.B. and Opperman, D.P.J.
Year: 1980
Journal: South African Journal of Wildlife Research
Page Numbers: 44-55

The origins of the scientific study and classification of giraffes

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Abstract: Giraffes have been known for many thousands of years from rock art and Egyptian artefacts, displayed by Roman emperors at games and triumphs between 46BC and AD274, and briefly exhibited in the zoos of...

Author(s): G. Mitchell FRSSAf
Year: 2009
Journal: Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa
Page Numbers: 1-13

The Luangwa Valley Giraffe

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Abstract: Observations by the author on Giraffa camelopardalis thornicrofti between 1963 and 1969 are supplemented by other data. Its distribution in recent years has extended northwards as far as 11*50' South on...

Author(s): P.S.M. Berry
Year: 1972
Journal: The Puku
Page Numbers: 71-92