A guide to estimating the age of Masai giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi)

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Abstract: This is a guide for estimating the age of Masai giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi) with noninvasive methods.  Giraffes are commonly categorized into three age classes: calf (0 – 1 year),...

Author(s): Megan K.L. Strauss
Year: 2015
Journal: Unknown
Page Numbers: 1-57

The relationship between physical injury, body condition and stress-related hormone concentrations in freeranging giraffes

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Abstract: A physiological stress response can be triggered by a variety of intrinsic and extrinsic stimuli, but minimal information is available about the physiological stress response related to pain in wildlife....

Author(s): Wolf, Tanja E., Valades, Gabriela Benavides, Simelane, Phumlile, Bennett, Nigel C., and Ganswindt, Andre
Year: 2018
Journal: Wildlife Biology
Page Numbers: 1-7

Ontogenetic similarities between giraffe and sauropod neck osteological mobility

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Abstract: The functional morphology of sauropod dinosaur long necks has been studied extensively, with virtual approaches yielding results that are difficult to obtain with actual fossils, due to their extreme fragility...

Author(s): Daniel Vidal, Pedro Mocho, Adrian Paramo, Jose Luis Sanz, Francisco Ortega
Year: 2020
Journal: PLOS ONE
Page Numbers: 1-25

The Giraffe’s Long Neck : From Evolutionary Fable to Whole Organism

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Abstract: A LONE GIRAFFE BULL STOOD at the edge of the scrubby bush forest that opened into a grassland. It was August, the beginning of spring, but also the middle of the dry season in the southern African savannah....

Author(s): Craig Holdrege
Year: 2005
Journal: The Nature Institute
Page Numbers: i-104

Why sauropods had long necks; and why giraffes have short necks

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Abstract: The necks of the sauropod dinosaurs reached 15 m in length: six times longer than that of the world record giraffe and five times longer than those of all other terrestrial animals. Several anatomical...

Author(s): Michael P. Taylor and Mathew J. Wedel
Year: 2013
Journal: PeerJ
Page Numbers: 1-41

Blood flow and pressure in the giraffe carotid artery

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Abstract: 1. Carotid artery blood pressure and blood flow were measured and telemetered from wild giraffes ranging freely on the African plains. 2. The blood pressure ranged between 260/160 mm Hg when the animal...

Author(s): Robert L. Van Citters, William S. Kemper, and Dean L. Franklin
Year: 1968
Journal: Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology
Page Numbers: 1035-1042

The giraffe’s neck: another icon of evolution falls

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Abstract: The giraffe is a major problem for Darwinism for many reasons. No evidence exists in the fossil record for giraffe evolution, nor are evolutionists able to explain why the giraffe’s neck evolved. The...

Author(s): Jerry Bergman
Year: 2002
Journal: Not specified
Page Numbers: 120-127

The Evolution of the Long-Necked Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis L.) – What Do We Really Know? (Part 2)

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Abstract: Introduction: The story which is commonly taught in high schools about the evolution of the long-necked giraffe by natural selection (feeding-competition-hypothesis) fails to explain, among other things,...

Author(s): Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig
Year: 2010
Journal: Internet Library
Page Numbers: 1-38

The Evolution of the Long-Necked Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis L.) – What Do We Really Know? (Part 1)

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Abstract: In the following article the assertions of three supporters of the synthetic theory concerning the evolution of the long-necked giraffe will be discussed: the statements of Ulrich Kutschera, Richard Dawkins...

Author(s): Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig
Year: 2010
Journal: Internet Library
Page Numbers: 1-38

The cervical anatomy of Samotherium, an intermediate-necked giraffid

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Abstract: Giraffidae are represented by many extinct species. The only two extant taxa possess diametrically contrasting cervical morphology, as the okapi is short-necked and the giraffe is exceptionally long-necked....

Author(s): Melinda Danowitz, Rebecca Domalski and Nikos Solounias
Year: 2015
Journal: Royal Society Open Science
Page Numbers: 1-17