A guide to estimating the age of Masai giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi)

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Abstract: This is a guide for estimating the age of Masai giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi) with noninvasive methods.  Giraffes are commonly categorized into three age classes: calf (0 – 1 year),...

Author(s): Megan K.L. Strauss
Year: 2015
Journal: Unknown
Page Numbers: 1-57

The Adaptive Significance of Coloration in Mammals

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Abstract: Coloration is a diagnostic tool for identifying mammals, but inquiry into its function has lain dormant for almost a century. Recently, the topic has been revived and modern phylogenetic methods have been...

Author(s): Tim Caro
Year: 2005
Journal: BioScience
Page Numbers: 125-136

A Model for Generating Aspects of Zebra and Other Mammalian Coat Patterns

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Abstract: A model is put forward which is capable of generating chemical maps whose concentration contours are similar to the patterns seen on the flanks of zebras, cats and other mammals. The model derives from...

Author(s): Jonathan B. L. Bard
Year: 1981
Journal: Journal of Theoretical Biology
Page Numbers: 363-385

Examining disease prevalence for species of conservation concern using non-invasive spatial capture–recapture techniques

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Abstract: on‐invasive techniques have long been used to estimate wildlife population abundance and density. However, recent technological breakthroughs have facilitated non‐invasive estimation of the proportion...

Author(s): Arthur B. Muneza, Daniel W. Linden, Robert A. Montgomery, Amy J. Dickman, Gary J. Roloff, David W. Macdonald and Julian T. Fennessy
Year: 2016
Journal: Journal of Applied Ecology
Page Numbers: 1-9

How a Tiny Worm is Irritating the Most Majestic of Giraffes

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Abstract: What is a fly to a giraffe? It’s difficult to imagine a single insect even coming to the attention of these peculiar animals, which weigh in at thousands of pounds and routinely stretch their necks to...

Author(s): Jacob Brogan
Year: 2017
Journal: Smithsonian.com (Website)
Page Numbers: 1-3

Computer-aided photographic pelage pattern analysis of Giraffa camelopardalis (Artiodactyla:Girrafidae)

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Abstract: The giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) is one of the most recognisable animal species on earth. Yet hunting and habitat loss and fragmentation have led to severe, but until recently largely unnoticed, declines...

Author(s): Nora Hausen
Year: 2017
Journal: Master of Science Degree Thesis
Page Numbers: 1-34

Evolutionary Ecology of Giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) in Etosha National Park, Namibia

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Abstract: The giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) occupies a variety of habitats across sub-Saharan Africa. It is characterised by a loose social organisation, and a dominance driven polygynous mating system. This...

Author(s): Rachel Brand
Year: 2007
Journal: PhD Thesis
Page Numbers: 1-279

The relationship between physical injury, body condition and stress-related hormone concentrations in freeranging giraffes

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Abstract: A physiological stress response can be triggered by a variety of intrinsic and extrinsic stimuli, but minimal information is available about the physiological stress response related to pain in wildlife....

Author(s): Wolf, Tanja E., Valades, Gabriela Benavides, Simelane, Phumlile, Bennett, Nigel C., and Ganswindt, Andre
Year: 2018
Journal: Wildlife Biology
Page Numbers: 1-7

External features of giraffe

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Abstract: In the wild it is difficult to decide with certainty which giraffe calf belongs to which mother and impossible to determine the calf's father. It is only in zoos that an offspring's parents are known so...

Author(s): Anne Innis Dagg
Year: 1968
Journal: Mammalia
Page Numbers: 657 - 669

Revisiting giraffe photo-identification using deep learning and network analysis

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Abstract: An increasing number of research programs rely on photographic capture-recapture (vs. direct marking) of individuals to study distribution and demography within animal populations. Photo-identification...

Author(s): Vincent Miele, Gaspard Dussert, Bruno Spataro, Simon Chamaille-Jammes, Dominique Allaine and Christophe Bonenfant
Year: 2020
Journal: BioRxiv preprint
Page Numbers: 1-17