Management guidelines for the welfare of zoo animals - GIRAFFE.

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Abstract: Management guidelines for the welfare of zoo animals - GIRAFFE. Keywords: Giraffe, Captive management, Diet, Exhibit, Transport, Veterinary care, Nutrition, Training, Enrichment, Reproduction, Hand-Rearing,...

Author(s): A. Lee
Year: 1991
Journal: The Federation of Zoological Gardens of Great Britain and Ireland
Page Numbers: 1-37

Necks for sex: sexual selection as an explanation for sauropod dinosaur neck elongation

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Abstract: The immensely long neck of a sauropod is one of the most familiar and striking of anatomical specializations among dinosaurs. Here, I use recently collected neontological and paleontological information...

Author(s): P. Senter
Year: 2006
Journal: Journal of Zoology
Page Numbers: 45-53

Giraffe fact sheet

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Abstract: Giraffes are one of the world's tallest mammals. They are well known for their long necks, long legs, and spotted patterns. Giraffes have small "horns" or knobs on top of their heads that grow to be about...

Author(s): World Animal Foundation
Year: 0
Journal: World Animal Foundation Website
Page Numbers: 2

Portraits in the Wild

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Abstract: An overview of wild giraffe behavior and characteristics, initial scientific study and classification, and as a cultural entity. Key Words: Giraffe, history, behavior, ecology, physiology, anatomy, taxonomy,...

Author(s): C. Moss
Year: 1976
Journal: Hamish Hamilton Books Ltd
Page Numbers: 39-62

Feeding habits of spotted hyaenas in a woodland habitat

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Abstract: The feeding habits of spotted hyaenas were recorded during a 2-year full-time study in the Lowveld of South Africa. The animals were observed for 335 h at night using artificial light. These results were...

Author(s): S. K. Bearder
Year: 1977
Journal: West African Wildlife Journal
Page Numbers: 163-280

Giraffe and okapi medicine and surgery

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Abstract: An overview on medicine and surgery in giraffe and okapi. Includes details on their unique anatomy and physiology, an overview on both physical and chemical restraint of these species, and information...

Author(s): M.E. Fowler
Year: 1980
Journal: Unknown
Page Numbers: 1-4

Ecology of the giraffe in Tsavo East National Park

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Abstract: The decrease in woody vegetation in Tsavo National Park has probably had adverse effects on woodland-adapted herbivores, including the giraffe (Girafa camelopar-dalis). In an ecological study we attempted...

Author(s): B.M. Leuthold & W. Leuthold
Year: 1978
Journal: East African Wildlife Journal
Page Numbers: 1-20

Perinatal maternal and neonatal behaviour in the captive reticulated giraffe

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Abstract: A captive reticulated giraffe was observed constantly for three weeks prior to, and periodically for 90 days subsequent to, the birth of her calf. Extensive observations were made of the birth sequence,...

Author(s): M.B. Kristal & M. Noonan
Year: 1979
Journal: South African Journal of Zoology
Page Numbers: 103-107

Distribution patterns and status of some mammals in South West Africa

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Abstract: A short description is given of the physiographic, vegetation and climatic conditions in South West Africa. The influence of modern man on game animals is given with examples or various situations. Key...

Author(s): E. Joubert & P.K.N. Mostert
Year: 1975
Journal: Madoqla
Page Numbers: 5-23

The Luangwa Valley Giraffe

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Abstract: Observations by the author on Giraffa camelopardalis thornicrofti between 1963 and 1969 are supplemented by other data. Its distribution in recent years has extended northwards as far as 11*50' South on...

Author(s): P.S.M. Berry
Year: 1972
Journal: The Puku
Page Numbers: 71-92