Nightly selection of resting sites and group behavior reveal antipredator strategies in giraffe

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Abstract: This study presents the first findings on nocturnal behavior patterns of wild Angolan giraffe. We characterized their nocturnal behavior and analyzed the influence of ecological factors such as group size,...

Author(s): Anna Lena Burger, Julian Fennessy, Stephanie Fennessy, Paul W. Dierkes
Year: 2020
Journal: Ecology and Evolution
Page Numbers: 1-11

Monitoring Giraffe Behavior in Thermal Video

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Abstract: We present a solution for monitoring nocturnal giraffe behavior by reducing several hours of thermal camera surveillance footage into a short video summary which can be reviewed by experts. We formulate...

Author(s): Victor Gan, Peter Carr and Joseph Soltis
Year: 2015
Journal: 2015 IEEE Winter Applications and Computer Vision Workshops
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