Terrestrial mammalian wildlife responses to Unmanned Aerial Systems approaches

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Abstract: Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are increasingly being used recreationally, commercially and for wildlife research, but very few studies have quantified terrestrial mammalian reactions to UAS approaches....

Author(s): Emily Bennitt, Hattie L.A. Bartlam-Brooks, Tatjana Y. Hubel & Alan M. Wilson
Year: 2019
Journal: Scientific Reports
Page Numbers: 1-10

Preliminary Report on Forage Availability and Resource Use by Reticulated Giraffe at Mugie Conservancy, Laikipia, Kenya

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Abstract: Main Findings To compare resource availability and animal diets, we conducted vegetation surveys and collected giraffe dung samples for diet analyses on the east and west sides of primary road C77 at...

Author(s): Brian Gill and Tyler Kartzinel
Year: 2018
Journal: Preliminary Report
Page Numbers: 1-7

Proximity to humans affects local social structure in a giraffe metapopulation

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Abstract: Experimental laboratory evidence suggests that animals with disrupted social systems express weakened relationship strengths and have more exclusive social associations, and that these changes have functional...

Author(s): Monica L. Bond, Barbara König, Derek E. Lee, Arpat Ozgul and Damien R. Farine
Year: 2020
Journal: Journal of Animal Ecology
Page Numbers: 1-10

Using a Fusion of Operant Conditioning and TTEAM to Train Giraffe Calves

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Abstract: All the giraffe calves at The Oakland Zoo undergo an extensive conditioning program to prepare them for a successful life in a captive husbandry situation. Beginning when the calf is between five and fourteen...

Author(s): Amy Phelps & Melissa McCartney
Year: 2007
Journal: TTEAM Connections
Page Numbers: 10-17

The last African white giraffes live in farmers’ fields

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Abstract: The giraffe population (Giraffa camelopardalis) in Niger is the last representative of the peralta sub-species which lived throughout West Africa at the beginning of the twentieth century. Protected since...

Author(s): Romain Leroy, Marie-Noël de Visscher, Oudou Halidou and Amadou Boureima
Year: 2009
Journal: Biodiversity and Conservation
Page Numbers: 2663–2677

Using Qualitative Behaviour Assessment to Investigate Human-Animal Relationships in Zoo-Housed Giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis)

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Abstract: Human-Animal Relationships (HAR) in zoos develop from repeated interactions between animals and their caretakers. HAR have been shown to affect health and welfare in farm animals, but limited zoo-based...

Author(s): Freisha Patel, Françoise Wemelsfelder and Samantha J. Ward
Year: 2019
Journal: Animals
Page Numbers: 1-14

Fancy Footwork: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Giraffe Herd Trains for Farrier Work and X-rays

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Abstract: Nearly eighty percent of all giraffe sedation procedures are related to foot care. Most of the knockdowns are done once the giraffes display clinical signs of lameness, hoof overgrowth, abscesses, or swelling....

Author(s): Amy Schilz, Andrea Bryant and Diana Cartier
Year: 00
Journal: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Team
Page Numbers: 1-8

Fission–fusion dynamics of a megaherbivore are driven by ecological, anthropogenic, temporal, and social factors

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Abstract: Fission–fusion dynamics hypothetically enable animals to exploit dispersed and ephemeral food resources while minimizing predation risk. Disentangling factors affecting group size and composition of...

Author(s): Monica L. Bond, Derek E. Lee, Arpat Ozgul and Barbara König
Year: 2019
Journal: Oecologia
Page Numbers: 335–347

Antipredator behaviour of African ungulates around human settlements

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Abstract: As human populations grow and come into more frequent contact with wildlife, it is important to understand how anthropogenic disturbance alters wildlife behaviour. Using fine-scale spatial analyses, we...

Author(s): Thomas Yamashita, Kaitlyn M. Gaynor, John Kioko, Justin Brashares and Christian Kiffner
Year: 2017
Journal: African Journal of Ecology
Page Numbers: 528-536

Assessing Animal Welfare in Animal-Visitor Interactions in Zoos and Other Facilities. A Pilot Study Involving Giraffes

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Abstract: In recent years, awareness of the controversial aspects connected with wild animal-visitor interactions (AVIs) in zoos and other facilities has increased due to cultural changes. Therefore, the need to...

Author(s): Simona Normando, Ilaria Pollastri, Daniela Florio, Linda Ferrante, Elisabetta Macchi, Valentina Isaja and Barbara de Mori
Year: 2018
Journal: Animals
Page Numbers: 1-21