The implications of the reclassification of South African wildlife species as farm animals

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Abstract: The Government Gazette No. 42464 dated 17 May 20191 amended Table 7 of the Animal Improvement Act (Act no. 62 of 1998), which lists breeds of animals, to include at least 32 new wild animal species, including...

Author(s): Michael J. Somers, Michele Walters, John Measey, W. Maartin Strauss, Andrew A. Turner, Jan A. Venter, Lizanne Nel, Graham I.H. Kerley, W. Andrew Taylor & Yoshan Moodley
Year: 2020
Journal: South African Journal of Science
Page Numbers: 1-2

The status of and trade in the South African population of giraffa camelopardalis giraffa (South African giraffe)

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Abstract: The South African population of Giraffa camelopardalis giraffa is estimated at between 21,053 and 26,919 individuals, of which between 11,411 and 14,860 individuals occur within national and provincial...

Author(s): J. Selier
Year: 2019
Journal: CoP18 Prop. 5
Page Numbers: 1-8

Protect giraffes from wildlife trade

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Abstract: The number of giraffes in Africa has plunged by 36 to 40% in only three decades, mainly due to habitat loss, human conflicts, and poaching (1). The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)...

Author(s): José Vicente López-Bao
Year: 2019
Journal: Science
Page Numbers: 744

Three-gene PCR and high-resolution melting analysis for differentiating vertebrate species mitochondrial DNA for biodiversity research and complementing forensic surveillance

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Abstract: Reliable molecular identification of vertebrate species from morphologically unidentifiable tissue is critical for the prosecution of illegally-traded wildlife products, conservation-based biodiversity...

Author(s): Daniel O. Ouso, Moses Y. Otiende, Maamun M. Jeneby, Joseph W. Oundo, Joel L. Bargul, Scott E. Miller, Lillian Wambua and Jandouwe Villinger
Year: 2020
Journal: Scientific Reports
Page Numbers: 1-13

Forensic species identification of elephant (Elephantidae) and giraffe (Giraffidae) tail hair using light microscopy

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Abstract: Here we present methods for distinguishing tail hairs of African elephants (Loxodonta africana), Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) and giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) from forensic contexts. Such hairs...

Author(s): Bonny C. Yates, Edgard O. Espinoza, Barry W. Baker
Year: 2010
Journal: Journal of forensic science medicine and pathology
Page Numbers: 165-171

Giraffa camelopardalis giraffa – South African Giraffe

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Abstract: Taxonomic notes: Currently, nine subspecies classifications have been proposed for Giraffe (Ansell 1972; Dagg & Foster 1982; Kingdon 1997; East 1999; Grubb 2005; Ciofolo & Pendu 2013). There is...

Author(s): Deacon F. and Parker D.
Year: 2016
Journal: The Red List of Mammals of South Africa
Page Numbers: 1-9

Quantifying giraffe poaching as population threat

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Abstract: While it is difficult to quantify the real effects of poaching on giraffe populations, what is clear is that the bushmeat trade is thriving globally and it is highly likely that giraffe are affected by...

Author(s): Zoe Muller
Year: 2010
Journal: The Rothschild’s Giraffe Project
Page Numbers: 1-11

The origins of the scientific study and classification of giraffes

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Abstract: Giraffes have been known for many thousands of years from rock art and Egyptian artefacts, displayed by Roman emperors at games and triumphs between 46BC and AD274, and briefly exhibited in the zoos of...

Author(s): G. Mitchell FRSSAf
Year: 2009
Journal: Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa
Page Numbers: 1-13

EAZA Husbandry and Management Guidelines: Giraffa Camelopardalis 2006

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Abstract: An overview of giraffe biology and field data combined with recommendations/guidelines on management in zoos (enclosures, feeding, social structure, enrichment, breeding, handling, and legistlation). ...

Author(s): Zdenek Barta, Zoologická zahrada, Dvur Králové, Marcus Clauss, Ludek Culik, Zoologická zahrada, Dvur Králové, Marc Damen, Jürgen Hummel, Günther Schleussner, Wilhelma, Zoologisch-Botanischer, Kristina Tomasova, Waltraut Zimmermann with contributions by Jacques Kaandorp
Year: 2006
Journal: EAZA Husbandry and Management Guidelines 2006 i-132
Page Numbers: i-132