Biologic, Antigenic, and Full-Length Genomic Characterization of a Bovine-Like Coronavirus Isolated from a Giraffe

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Abstract: Coronaviruses (CoVs) possess large RNA genomes and exist as quasispecies, which increases the possibility of adaptive mutations and interspecies transmission. Recently, CoVs were recognized as important...

Author(s): Mustafa Hasoksuz, Konstantin Alekseev, Anastasia Vlasova, Xinsheng Zhang, David Spiro, Rebecca Halpin, Shiliang Wang, Elodie Ghedin, and Linda J. Saif
Year: 2007
Journal: Journal of Virology
Page Numbers: 4981-4990

Whole genome sequence analyses of three African bovine rotaviruses reveal that they emerged through multiple reassortment events between rotaviruses from different mammalian species

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Abstract: Animal-to-human interspecies transmission is one of the evolutionary mechanisms driving rotavirus strain diversity in humans. Although quite a few studies emanating from Africa revealed evidence of bovine-to-human...

Author(s): Khuzwayo C. Jere, Luwanika Mlera, Hester G. O’Neill, Ina Peenze, Alberdina A. van Dijk
Year: 2012
Journal: Journal of Veterinary Microbiology
Page Numbers: 245-250

Experimental Infection of Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) With SAT-1 and SAT-2 Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus

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Abstract: The potential role of giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) in the epidemiology and spread of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) SAT types was investigated by experimental infection and detection of virus in excretions...

Author(s): W. Vosloo, S. P. Swanepoel, M. Bauman, B. Botha, J. J. Esterhuysen, C. I. Boshoff, D. F. Keet, A. Dekker
Year: 2011
Journal: Transboundary and Emerging Diseases
Page Numbers: 173-178

Herbivore population crashes and woodland structure in East Africa

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Abstract: Between 1985 and 1991, bush encroachment was serious in Lake Manyara National Park, northern Tanzania. Shrub cover increased by c. 20%. The increase was independent of initial (1985) shrub cover. Since...

Author(s): Herbert H.T. Prins and Henk P. Van Der Jeugd
Year: 1993
Journal: Journal of Ecology
Page Numbers: 305-314

Complete genomic sequence analyses of the first group A giraffe rotavirus reveals close evolutionary relationship with rotaviruses infecting other members of the Artiodactyla.

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Abstract: Group A Rotaviruses (RVA) have been established as significant contributory agents of acute gastroenteritis in young children and many animal species. In 2008, we described the first RVA strain detected...

Author(s): Helen O’Shea, Emily Mulherin, Jelle Matthijnssens, Matthew McCusker, P. J. Collins, Olivia Cashman, Lynda Gunn, Marijke E. Beltman and Séamus Fanning
Year: 2014
Journal: Veterinary Microbiology
Page Numbers: 151-156

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency-like syndrome in giraffe

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Abstract: Studies were conducted on four giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) with diarrhea and three clinically healthy ones. The feces from both healthy and sick animals were examined to determine amylase, lipase...

Author(s): Roman LechowskI, Jan Pisarski, Jerzy Gosławski and Maciej Lenarcik
Year: 1991
Journal: Journal of Wildlife Diseases
Page Numbers: 728-730

Detection and characterisation of papillomavirus in skin lesions of giraffe and sable antelope in South Africa

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Abstract: Papillomavirus was detected electron microscopically in cutaneous fibropapillomas of a giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) and a sable antelope (Hippotragus niger). The virus particles measured 45 nm in diameter....

Author(s): E. van Dyk, A-M Bosman, E. van Wilpe, J. H. Williams, R. G. Bengis, J. van Heerden and E. H. Venter
Year: 2011
Journal: Journal of the South African Veterinary Association
Page Numbers: 80–85

Has the final countdown to wildlife extinction in Northern Central African Republic begun?

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Abstract: The wildlife populations of Northern Central African Republic experienced precipitous declines during the 1970s and 1980s. While anecdotes coming out of the region indicate that the wildlife populations...

Author(s): Philippe Bouche´, Pierre-Cyril Renaud, Philippe Lejeune, Ce´dric Vermeulen, Jean-Marc Froment, Alfred Bangara, Okclefort Fiongai, Antoine Abdoulaye, Raymond Abakar, and Mike Fay
Year: 2009
Journal: African Journal of Ecology
Page Numbers: 994–1003

Equine Herpesvirus Type 9 in Giraffe with Encephalitis

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Abstract: Herpesviruses have been isolated from many mammals. Herpesvirus infection in natural hosts is often mild and is usually followed by a latent infection; however, cross-species herpesvirus infections cause...

Author(s): Samy Kasem, Souichi Yamada, Matti Kiupel, Mary Woodruff, Kenji Ohya and Hideto Fukushi
Year: 2008
Journal: Emerging Infectious Diseases
Page Numbers: 1948-9

Pathology and immunohistochemistry of papillomavirus-associated cutaneous lesions in Cape mountain zebra, giraffe, sable antelope and African buffalo in South Africa

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Abstract: Skin lesions associated with papillomaviruses have been reported in many animal species and man. Bovine papillomavirus (BVP) affects mainly the epidermis, but also the dermis in several species including...

Author(s): J H Williams, E van Dyk, P J Nel, E Lane, E Van Wilpe, R G Bengis, L-M de Klerk-Lorist and J van Heerden
Year: 2011
Journal: Journal of the South African  Veterinary Association
Page Numbers: 97-106