A comparison between Acacia and Combretum leaves utilized by giraffe

Author(s)J. J. C. Sauer
Year Published1983
JournalSouth African Journal of Animal Science
Page Numbers43 - 44
Size309.45 KB

Various studies on the food preferences of giraffe indicate that the leaves of the Acacia and Combretum species are the most important food items selected. The present study was aimed at comparing the chemical composition of the leaves and explaining the utilization of both these plant groups by giraffe. The protein content of the leaves of the Acacia species is generally higher than in those of the Combretum species and they are therefore a better source of food.

Keywords: Food selection, Giraffe, Leaves, Acacia, Combretum, Chemical composition, Crude protein, Succulence

Author: J. J. C. Sauer

Journal: South African Journal of Animal Science

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