A Note on the Seasonal Utilisation of Different Vegetation types by Giraffe

Author(s)A.J. Hall-Martin
Year Published1974
JournalSouth African Journal of Science
Page Numbers122-123
Size443.48 KB

When planning the management or physical limits of areas set aside for wildlife production or conservation, an understanding of the seasonal movements undertaken by animals is essential. Such knowledge is acquired when observations on the seasonal utilisation of different habitats by animals is quantified and where their movements can be related to food or other essential requirements. This paper provides information on the seasonal utilisation of different vegetation types in the eastern Transvaal lowveld by giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) and indicates that their movements are related to changes in diet.

Key Words: Seasonal Utilisation, Giraffa Camelopardis, Giraffe, Diet, Transvaal lowveld

Author: A.J. Hall-Martin

Journal: South African Journal of Science

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