“All About Giraffes”

Author(s)Paul Rose
Year Published2011
JournalKnowsley Safari Park 40th Birthday Lecture
Page Numbers1-6
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The information I presented highlighted the work of Giraffe Conservation Foundation in the field, especially focusing on the Niger giraffe project…as well as a range of current ex situ initiatives designed to provide a better understanding of giraffe biology. To try and cover all bases I attempt to 'marry together' the work being done in the wild world with that undertaken in captivity, thus giving my audience of around 50 zoo keepers, students and those with a general interest in the subject an overview of current issues and conservation work. A synopsis of the presentation follows.

Key Words: Giraffe, nutrition, social behavior, zoo, genetic analysis, conservation

Author: Paul Rose

Journal: Knowsley Safari Park 40th Birthday Lecture 

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