Amboseli Ecosystem Management Plan 2008-2018

Author(s)Amboseli Ecosystem Stakeholders and KWS Environmental Planning and Assessment Department
Year Published2009
Journal In accordance with the KWS Protected Areas Planning Framework
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This 10-year (2008-2018) management plan for the Amboseli Ecosystem (AE) has been developed through a collaborative effort involving a wide array of stakeholders including Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Amboseli/Tsavo Group Ranch Conservation Association (ATGRCA), African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), African Conservation Center (ACC), Amboseli Trust for Elephants (ATE) and the Oloitokitok/Kajiado District administration (see Annex 1). Several expert studies aimed at shedding light on management issues pertaining to the ecology of the ecosystem, infrastructure development and maintenance, leases relating to community facilities, transboundary collaboration, and tourism development, were also carried out.

The previous management plan for the AE covered the period 1991-1996. The plan mainly focused on the management of the Amboseli National Park, but it also recognized the dependence of the park on the larger dispersal area. The plan implementation strategy, however, failed to put in place a sustainable resource management structure to secure the ecological integrity of the park and critical wildlife dispersal areas. As a result, the Amboseli National Park and the wider Amboseli Ecosystem have continued to face many threats, both internal and external. The aim of the current management plan is therefore to define the principles and strategies for creating, implementing and managing a sustainable future for the Amboseli Ecosystem by addressing wildlife conservation and management issues in the entire ecosystem.  However, despite the plan being strategic in its approach to management issues in the ecosystem, it is also designed to be a practical management tool to support Amboseli managers, in the wildlife sector, in carrying out their duties. 

The management plan is divided into five main sections i.e. plan foundations, AE zonation scheme, five management programmes, and plan monitoring. The main bulk of the plan consists of the five management programmes namely: 

--Ecological Management Programme

--Tourism Development and Management Programme

--Community Partnership and Education Programme

--Security Programme 

--Ecosystem Operations Programme

Each programme contains management objectives that set out the goals that AE management aims to achieve, and a set of specific management actions to achieve these goals. And in order to facilitate plan implementation, management programmes have been aligned with the KWS organizational structure. 

In addition, each of the management programmes has a 3-year Activity Plan, which breaks down the individual management actions into day-to-day management activities that will be implemented in the first three years of the plan period. 

Key Words: Resource management, Amboseli, management plan, ecology, tourism development

Authors: Amboseli Ecosystem Stakeholders and KWS Environmental Planning and Assessment Department

 In accordance with the KWS Protected Areas Planning Framework

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