An evaluation of the use of correspondence analysis for the analysis of herbivore – habitat selection

Author(s)G.M. Beardall, S.C.J. Joubert and P.F. Retief
Year Published1984
JournalSouth African Journal of Wildlife Research
Page Numbers79-88
Size903.82 KB

The necessity for finding an objective method for the identification and evaluation of the salient factors affecting habitat selection in large-herbivore/habitat relationships served as motivation for the present study. A number of habitat parameters were recorded for eight important large herbivores in the Kruger National Park and subjected to correspondence analysis. This method yielded satisfactory results and illustrated animal species associations, based on the selection for similar habitat factors, and the habitat factors most favoured by each species. Analysis of this nature holds much promise for more advanced in-depth studies of animal/habitat relationships.

Keywords: habitat parameters, animal species associations, Kruger National Park, animal/habitat relationships,
Authors: G.M. Beardall, S.C.J. Joubert and P.F. Retief
Journal: South African Journal of Wildlife Research

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