Clinical, Anatomic Pathological, Thermographic and Radiological Findings in a Giraffe Afflicted with Arthritis

Author(s)Guido Haschke, Claudia Anita Szentiks, Gabriela Galateanu, Monika Häfner
Year Published2013
JournalDer Zoologische Garten
Page Numbers259-266
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Chronic arthritis is a known medical problem in many species also in artiodactyla. The moist coldness that exists in the latitudes of Germany enhances this condition in animals that are accustomed to dry coldness in their natural habitats. This case report shows that thermography can be used for the assessment of arthritis in giraffes. Post-mortem results of pathology and computed tomography confirm the diagnosis based on thermography. Thermal imaging is a practical, non-invasive diagnostic tool for examining animals without stress and anesthesia. (Article in German)

 Keywords: Giraffe; Arthritis; Thermal imaging; Computer tomography

Authors: Guido Haschke, Claudia Anita Szentiks, Gabriela Galateanu, Monika Häfner 

Journal:  Der Zoologische Garten

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