Dead Space and Tidal Volume of The Giraffe Compared With Some Other Mammals

Author(s)P. Hugh-Jones, C.E. Barter, J.M Hime and M.M. Rusbridge
Year Published1978
JournalRespiration Physiology
Page Numbers53-58
Size1.10 MB

The ventilation, tidal volume and anatomical dead-space were measured in a living giraffe and compared with similar in a camel, red deer, llama and man. The giraffe had a resting tidal volume of about 3.3 litres with a dead-space/tidal volume ration of 0.34. The giraffe breathes lowly, apparently because of the unusually small diameter of it's trachea relative to its length, compared with known measurements in other mammals.

Keywords: dead-space, giraffe, ventilation, London Zoo, tidal volume
Author: P. Hugh-Jones, C.E. Barter, J.M Hime and M.M. Rusbridge
Journal: Respiration Physiology

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