Evaluating the accuracy of some commonly used game-counting methods

Author(s)J. du P. Bothma, M.J.S. Peel, S. Pettit and D. Grossman
Year Published1990
JournalSouth African Journal of Wildlife Research (1990) 26-32
Page Numbers26-32
Size569.77 KB

The accuracy of game counts on an eastern Transvaal Lowveld game ranch was examined. A drive count was
used to produce control estimates of actual population sizes. A helicopter count was more accurate than one from a fixed-wing aircraft. Twenty-four hour waterhole counts were relatively inaccurate. Line transect counts were relatively accurate when a fixed strip width equal to the mean visibility index of the vegetation was used, and when the population estimate was based on the perpendicular sighting distance. Afternoon counts were generally less accurate than morning counts, using the same technique.

Keywords: counting, field techniques, game ranching, population estimation, ungulates
Authors: J. du P. Bothma, M.J.S. Peel, S. Pettit and D. Grossman
Journal: South African Journal of Wildlife Research

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