Food and calculated energy intake in captive giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) in the UK

Author(s)P. Rose, J. Hummel, and M. Clauss
Year Published2006
JournalEAZWV 6th Scientific Meeting
Page Numbers289-290
Size100.71 KB

Due to the high prevalence of pathological indications of energy malnutrition in captive giraffe (Clauss et al. 2006), the provision of dietary energy to these animals, and more importantly, the actual intake of the food items offered, is of great interest in giraffe husbandry. This poster abstract reports results of intake measurements in captive giraffes at seven zoos in the UK.

Key Words: Energy malnutrition, giraffe, nutritional analysis, diet, forage quality

Authors: P. Rose, J. Hummel, and M. Clauss

Journal: EAZWV 6th Scientific Meeting 

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