Gaits in mammals

Author(s)Anne Innis Dagg
Year Published1973
JournalMammal Review
Page Numbers135-154
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In recent years there has been a great deal of published work on movements of various mammals, in particular, studies on the bone morphology and range of movements of joints, the muscle structure and places of muscle attachment, the physiology of muscle performance, the peculiarities of species as mechanical systems and the specific leg movements in the gaits of some common mammals -- monkeys, cheetahs, dogs, horses and pecoran species. No comprehensive work on the gaits of mammals has been undertaken that relates these movements with the phylogeny, anatomy, and habitat of the mammals. This review attempts to do this, using observations in the literature and data gathered during 13 years of study of movements in mammals by the author.

Key Words: Movement, morphology, muscle attachment, physiology, mammals, gait

Author: Anne Innis Dagg

Journal: Mammal Review 

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