Genetic Markers in Wild Animal Studies

Author(s)D.R. Osterhoff & J. Op't Hof
Year Published1974
JournalJournal of South African Wildlife Management Association
Page Numbers71-73
Size291.31 KB

A survey is given of the work performed in the Onderstepoort laboratory on the studies of genetic markers in wild animals. The implications of using genetic markers reflecting single gene changes in animal studies are discussed. Preliminary results indicate that certain wild animal populations are genetically less variable than others, and the consequences are discussed. If this phenomenon should be substantiated by further investigations, then certain corrective measures to ensure the survival of certain animal groups or even species would be desirable.

Keywords: genetic markers, wild animals, genetic variations, South Africa, 
Authors: D.R. Osterhoff & J. Op't Hof
Journal: Journal of South African Wildlife Management Association

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