Giraffe Demography and Population Ecology

Author(s)D.E. Lee and M. K. L. Strauss
Year Published2016
JournalReference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences
Page Numbers1-9
Size751.84 KB

Population dynamics describe temporal change in population size and structure and the processes that contribute to that change. For conservation to succeed, it is critical that we are able to detect changes in population size and the demographic processes in the population, and also we must learn how to effect change in population size by managing specific demographic components. This article summarizes current knowledge of demography and population ecology of giraffes and provides a framework for using population models to develop and evaluate conservation and management efforts.

Keywords: Giraffe, Population ecology, Demography, conservation, Wildlife management

Authors: D.E. Lee and M. K. L. Strauss

Journal: Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences

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