Giraffe Husbandry Manual

Author(s)Lorraine Jolly
Year Published2003
JournalAustralasian Society of Zoo Keeping
Page Numbers1-53
Size355.04 KB

Husbandry manuals serve as a source of reference on the biology, maintenance, housing, health, behaviour, diet, breeding, restrain and transporting of animals held in captivity. They act as a major source of information for the species. The present information and experiences (both published and unpublished) together so that the knowledge of that particular species can be passed on, which in turn allows for techniques to develop rather than be reinvented resulting in the overall improvement in the husbandry of that particular species. The goal of this Giraffe Husbandry Resource Manual is that it is used  as reference tool for the zoo industry.

Keywords: Taxonomy, Exhibit, Husbandry, Diet, Health, Restraint, Immobilization, Behaviour, Reproduction, Transportation

Authors: Lorraine Jolly

Journal: Australasian Society of Zoo Keeping

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