Giraffes of Niger

Author(s)Elhadj Ide Nianoou, Amadou Ojibo Souleymane, Hassimi Hassan Oiallo & Hubert Boulet
Year Published2000
Page Numbers1-4
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Thirty years ago, giraffes were found all over the sudano-sahelian area, from Mauritania to Chad. Over the last 20 years, due to loss of habitat and poaching, giraffe populations have decreased. In Niger large herds were present between Agadez and Zinder, in the Tanout area, but they disappeared because of the recurring drought. During the eighties, giraffes were present in the Ayorou area, but suddenly disappeared because of poaching along the Malian border and the 1984 drought.
Today, the sub-species Giraffa camelopardalis peralta is found exclusively in Niger, as far as its West African range is concerned, in an area called « transition zone of the W Transfrontier Biosphere Reserve (WTBR)>> located 60 km east of Niamey. The giraffes of the Koure region and Dallol Bosso North are therefore the only remaining population of giraffes in Niger and West Africa.
Throughout this range, the Niger component of WTBR ECOPAS Programme (Ecosystemes proteges en Afrique Soudano-sahelienne, funded by European Union), is aiming to conserve the environment shared by giraffes and people.

Keywords: West African giraffe, Niger, population census,  social structure
Authors: Elhadj Ide Nianoou, Amadou Ojibo Souleymane, Hassimi Hassan Oiallo & Hubert Boulet
Journal: Unknown (2000) 1-4

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