The past and present distribution of some African ungulates

Author(s)J. Sidney
Year Published1965
JournalBook: The past and present distribution of some African ungulates.
Page Numbers139-168
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A comparison has been made between the recent densities and distributions of African mammals of the genera: Equus, Ceratotherium, Diceros, Hippopotamus, Choeropsis, Hyemoschus, Giraffa, Okapia, Damaliscus, Alcelaphus, Connochaetes, Taurotragus, Tragelaphus, Boocercus, Strepsiceros, Limnotragus, Syncerus, with those at the turn of the present century. Information has been obtained from literature, by personal contact, and in a tour of East, Central, and South Africa. This monograph is divided into fifteen parts, each containing the known distribution and density of a family or subfamily. For convenience of workers in the field, for whom this work was originally intended, each part has been subdivided into political territories instead of ecological habitats. The names of some political territories have been changed during the preparation of this work but former designations have been retained for historical convenience. The maps either illustrate the distribution discussed or show some of the localities mentioned, thus obviating in part the need for a gazetteer. A bibliography concludes each part. 

Key Words: Density, distribution, comparison, giraffe, mammals, monograph, political territories, African mammals

Author: J. Sidney

Book: The past and present distribution of some African ungulates.

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