Letter From Namibia

Author(s)Andy Tutchings
Year Published2011
JournalThe Explorers Journal
Page Numbers14-16
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The modern giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) is the world’s tallest animal and its largest ruminant. It is also among the most quintessentially African of animals, being found throughout most of the continent—the great­est concentrations in eastern and southern Africa. Yet, since the dawn of the new millennium, a combination of habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, civil unrest, and rampant poaching has led to an alarming 40 percent de­cline in giraffe populations across Africa—from an estimated 140,000 individuals in 1999 to less than 80,000 today—with an astonishing 65 percent drop in areas of Botswana alone.

Keywords: Giraffe, Subspecies, Genetics, Translocation, Conservation, Research

Authors: Andy Tutchings

Journal: The Explorers Journal

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