New Thoughts on Peracute Mortality in Giraffe

Author(s)Wm. Kirk Suedmeyer, DVM, Dipl ACZM and Adam Ramsey
Year Published2012
JournalAAZV Conference Proceedings
Page Numbers124-125
Size142.79 KB

Peracute mortality syndrome, or giraffe wasting disease, has been a leading cause of mortality in giraffe since the 1970s. It generally presents as acute death without premonitory signs. It is characterized by serous atrophy of adipose tissue and weight loss. Other lesions are non specific. Several articles have been published suggesting a potential nutritional component.

Key Words: Peracute mortality, giraffe wasting disease, mortality, adipose, atrophy, nutrition 

Authors: Wm. Kirk Suedmeyer, DVM, Dipl ACZM and Adam Ramsey

Journal: 2012 AAZV Conference Proceedings

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