Normal hoof angles and other parameters of selected African ungulates

Author(s)Thomas W. deMaar, DVM* and Michael M. Ng’ang’a, BSc
Year Published2000
JournalAAZV Conference Proceedings
Page Numbers488-491
Size23.40 KB

To assist the maintenance of normal hoof conformation in captive ungulates, a series of measurements were made from hooves of free-ranging animals. Differences in conformation between domestic animals and wild species were  noted and several naturally occurring defects were seen. Factors affecting good hoof health are discussed. 

Key Words: Ungulates, hoof conformation, hoof health, free-ranging, domestic, defects

Authors: Thomas W. deMaar, DVM* and Michael M. Ng’ang’a, BSc

Journal: 2000 AAZV Conference Proceedings 

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