Observations on field immobilization of free-ranging giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) using carfentanil and xylazine

Author(s)Mitchell Bush, Valerius de Vos
Year Published1987
JournalJournal of Zoo Animal Medicine
Page Numbers135-140
Size1.10 MB

This report describes immobilization techniques used in free-living giraffes for studies of reproductive physiology and ecology. The ecological studies involved minor manipulation for blood sampling and radio-collaring, and a quiet sedated giraffe in lateral recumbency was required. The reproductive studies required anesthesia for semen collection by electroejaculation.

Key Words: Field immobilization, methods, giraffe, sampling, electroejaculation, carfentanil, xylazine

Authors: Mitchell Bush, Valerius de Vos

Journal: Journal of Zoo Animal Medicine 

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