Seasonal chemical composition of the diet of Transvaal lowveld giraffe

Author(s)A.J. Hall-Martin & W.D. Basson
Year Published1975
JournalJournal of South African Wildlife Management
Page Numbers19-21
Size3.73 MB

Rumen contents of giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) were collected over a 1-year period in the eastern Transvaal lowveld and crude protein, ether extract (fat), crude fibre, ash and gross energy content were determined. Variations in crude protein, ash and gross energy content of the diet could be related to changes in the composition of the diet of the giraffe and to seasonal phonological changes of the vegetation. There was no evident correlation for crude fibre or fat, but this could have been masked by digestive processes. The results show that the methods used have some value as indicators of the nutrient content of the diet of the giraffe.

Key Words: Giraffa camelopardalis, rumen, Transvaal lowveld, protein, fat, crude fibre, gross energy, diet, methods

Authors: A.J. Hall-Martin & W.D. Basson

Journal: Journal of South African Wildlife Management

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