Some Uterine Parameters in Antelopes and a Giraffe

Author(s)Hradecký Peter
Year Published1983
Page Numbers491-498
Size926.13 KB

Uteri of 69 African antelopes and a giraffe were morphologically examined and numbers of caruncles and their rows in each horn were recorded. Antelopes of subfamilies Taurotraginae, Aepycerotinae, Antilopinae, and Alcelaphinae had about 50 to 100 caruncles arranged in four rows in each uterine horn. Hippotraginae had about 100 to 200 caruncles in six to eight rows in each horn, and Reduncinae had about 10 to 20 caruncles in two rows in each uterine horn. The giraffe had about 70 caruncles arranged in four rows in each uterine horn. Uterine caruncles in some antelopes had specific features such as pigmentation of apices, caruncles on stems, and caruncles with honeycomb structure.

Keywords: Reproductive organs, Uterine horn, Uterine caruncle, Giraffe, Antelopes, Morphology

Author: Hradecký Peter

Journal: Theriogenology

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