Studies of coprophilous ascomycetes in Kenya, Podospora species from wildlife dung

Author(s)Mungai PG, Njogu, JG, Chukeatirote E and Hyde KD
Year Published2012
Page Numbers1-20
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Moist chamber cultures were made from wildlife dung (including giraffe dung) obtained from national parks in Kenya. Ten dung types produced 28 specimens of Podospora. Five species, Podospora anserina, P. argentinensis, P. australis, P. communis and P. minor are described using their morphological features. Podospora minor seems to be a rare species and is recorded for the first time in Kenya. Podospora communis, P. anserina and P. australis are the most common species on dung types examined.

Keywords: Arnium, biodiversity, conservation, perithecioid, Schizothecium, taxonomy, dung, Podospora

Authors: Mungai PG, Njogu, JG, Chukeatirote E and Hyde KD

Journal: Mycosphere

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