The Mammals of Nigeria

Author(s)D. C. D. Happold
Year Published1987
JournalThe Mammals of Nigeria
Page Numbers208-209, 371
Size9.03 MB

Distribution: scattered localities in northern Guinea, Sudan, and Sahel savanna zones; not recorded south of the Niger-Benue rivers in Nigeria (Happold 1969, 1978b) (Map 98).

Localities: Benue-Pai river region (Lewis 1955); Chingurme-Duguma GR, Kambari GR (Hall 197 6); Falgoro GR (Henshaw and Child 1972); Lame GR (Hall 1976); Sambisa GR (Hall 1976). Old localities not listed (see Status).

Keywords: Giraffe, Population status, Distribution, Ecology, Reproduction, Taxonomy, Niger

Author: D. C. D. Happold

Journal: The Mammals of Nigeria

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