The Numerical Status of Sixteen Game Species in the Transvaal, Excluding the Kruger National Park

Author(s)A. Von W. Lambrechts
Year Published1974
JournalJournal of South African Wildlife Management Association
Page Numbers95-102
Size785.39 KB

The paper describes the results of a survey to determine the numbers of the following game species in the Transvaal: springbok, blesbok, zebra, blue wildebeest, black wildebeest, red hartebeest, gemsbok, eland, nyaia, buffalo, elephant, giraffe and squarelipped rhinoceros. The distribution of each species is discussed and the different localities of occurrence are illustrated. The growing concern for the conservation of wildlife in the Transvaal has resulted in an increase in the numbers of most of the species during the past decade. The roan antelope remains the scarcest of the ungulate species in the Transvaal, while the sable antelope and tsessebe numbers show little or no improvement since 1962.

Keywords: wildlife management, Transvaal, ungulate, distribution, population
Author: A. Von W. Lambrechts
Journal: Journal of South African Wildlife Management Association

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