The use of controlled induction to minimize traumatic injury to Reticulated giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata) using thiafentanil, medetomidine, and ketamine

Author(s)Timothy Storms, DVM, Janis Raines, DVM, and Maren Connolly, DVM
Year Published2012
JournalAAZV Conference Proceedings
Page Numbers34-35
Size225.39 KB

An abstract on a talk given for describing an immobilization procedure aimed at reducing injury to giraffe during induction. 

Key Words: Anesthesia, induction, injury, giraffe, immobilization, methods, risks, hazards

Authors: Timothy Storms, DVM, Janis Raines, DVM, and Maren Connolly, DVM

Journal: 2012 AAZV Conference Proceedings 

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